Metal 3D-Printing technology is capable of rapidly producing standard and customized medical implants, such as prosthetic joints, interbody fusion cages. Bone trabecula boinic porous structures fabricated with EBSM® demonstrated improved biocompatibility.

Case: Supporting block for acetabular cup with EBSM®
For the best surgery effect, a customized Ti6Al4V supporting block implant, design and fabrication of which were finished within 72 hours using our proprietary EBSM® metal 3D-Printing technology, was required for the acetabular cup implanting operation for a patient.

Case2:Customized sternum implants with 3D-Printng
The patient with sternum damage due to tumors,needs a sternum replacement surgery after the resection of the tumor. The traditional process has problems such as poor matching and long period a, while the 3D-Printing technology solves these problems well. With the development and popularization of CT and 3D reconstruction technology, it is convenient to obtain the three-dimensional models of customized medical implants. The technicians can use 3D reconstruction technology to customize the medical implants which are most suitable for patients. So far, we have finished the design and build of 6 cases of customized sternum implants.