High-energy Beam Metal 3D-Printing specialist
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  • Pioneering in Electron Beam Metal 3D-Printing
  • Technical features

    Heightened energy density, enhanced material-beam energy absorption

    Strong beam penetration, strengthened part density

    Elevated powder bed temperature, reduced thermal stress

    Improved building/manufacturing efficiency

    Excellent adaptability for metal materials

  • Applied materials


    Ti alloy


    Co-Cr alloy

  • Product features

    Open-source process parameters

    Modularized & Customizable

    Active powder supply

    Grid-scan heating

    Electron beam auto-calibration

    Online process monitoring

  • Pioneering in Electron Beam Metal 3D-Printing
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  • A professional team that brings together
    high-end talent in the 3D-printing industry
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    Industry Base, Huaming High-tech Zone, Dongli District, Tianjin,300161, China.

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